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Ellen's mom's comin' to my house...

I met ellen's mom tonight, which was enjoyable all around. She's rather more normal than i expected, i was really sort of waiting for the crazy mother of all fem-nazi's. The image is sort of ruined by her being excited about the straw hat with ribbons she bought at k-mart.

Ellen, i looked at your sorority's webpage.
I can tell you what's wrong, but i can't tell you why or what they should do about it.

The problem is with the relative links. That's why some of the random links off-site work, because they have to put the whole thing with the "http://". This is why you can't see the images either, because all the ~IMG SRC~ tags are using the relative links as well. There are actually several different things going wrong:

1. A lack of backslashes. the code reads ~a href="Photos.htm"~ rather than ~"/Photos.htm"~

2. '%20" where spaces go: The source code reads ~a href="About%20Us.htm"~ instead of ~"/About Us.htm"~, or more preferably, ~"/About_Us.htm"~ because most browsers read spaces incorrectly in addresses. Newer ones will format the spaces for you, so you never know it, but its bad web publishing to use them because most browsers still screw it up.

3. some of the links are complete but are very fucked up, as though you were loading something from the home computer rather than the internet. for example:

You can see the whole source code yourself by just hitting apple+E on OS 9, or option+apple+V if you're on OS X. Anybody with two seconds worth of HTML training will see the problem, but as to why Dell's load it right, i have no idea. Once HTML is on the internet, it's only code, nothing more and nothing less. It shouldn't be any different no matter who retreives it. Possibly, the program they are using was made to work specifically with PC browsers, so those browsers know to ignore the random problems. That still sounds sort of odd though, because internet Explorer is the same cross-platform as well.

The pages are there and everything, though. If i manually typed in the correct thing, all the pages came up. This is exactly why i refuse to use web builders. Since it seems to be a problem with how the program essentially saves the relative links, i doubt there is a solution, other than to switch programs. You could open the file with a plaintext editor and alter it all manually, but it would be a helluva pain in the ass.

Microsoft Word saves things as webpages well enough, i've never had a problem. It's possible, although there's a reasonable chance it will fix nothing or make things worse, they they could open the file the web builder makes up in word and then just resave it. I opened the page using Word, and word loads it correctly, so there's the possibilty that might work. All i did was go to File--open web page, and then type in the full address, and it loaded it right from the internet.
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