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Meh Meh

gacked from miscellanny:

Recommend to me:

1. a movie
2. a book
3. a musical artist, song, or album
4. a LiveJournal user not on my friends list
5. what I should have for dinner
6. a website
7. a quote

Then put this in your LiveJournal and I'll do the same for you.

1. Withnail and I. It's very British and darkly hysterical.
2. Storm Front by Jim Butcher. The Dresdan Files are like Anita Blake without all the bullshit.
3. The Octobers--Pushed Off The Edge Of The World. They're brand new, but $5 for a CD. woot!
4. ponderosa121. Pond's art is hella hella gorgeous, and she is in all kinds of crazy fandoms (HP, Gravi, KKM, FMA, it's like a limitless list).
5. Italian meatloaf. It's like making regular meatloaf only you use italian breadcrumbs and a cup of marinara sauce. omgsogood! makes the best next-day sandwiches ever.
6. Television Without Pity. Among other things does the most hysterical summaries of Smallville ever, including "The Gayest Look Of The Episode".
7.[While hiding in a closet]
"What the hell are you doing?!"
"In situations like this, shouldn't one imitate a cat?"
"Cats are 'Meh Meh'!"
"Meh Meh is sheep!!"
--Wolfram and Yuuri being discovered by pirates inexplicably wearing crop tops in an episode of Kyou Kara Maou!. I realize that's a bit random, but Ellen and I were watching them last night.
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