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fic: Gravitation, Wake Up Little Shuichi

I'm just spamming the hell out you, aren't I?

Title: Wake Up Little Shuichi
Pairing: Shuichi/Yuki (Gravitation)
Ratings/Warning: R for some sleepy thrusting.
Summary: Shuichi has to get up for work despite a late night, and Yuki does not feel bad at all about it.

Wake Up Little Shuichi

Beep. Beep. Beep! Beep! BEEP! BEEP!

Yuki Eiri cracked open an eye and tried to work out where the awful noise was coming from as he clawed his way to consciousness. The noise rose another few decibels while Yuki managed to string together the words 'alarm' and 'clock', and he buried his head back into his pillow.

"Shuichi," he growled, voice muffled. He thwacked at the other occupant of the bed with one hand, a little backwardsly since he was sleeping on his stomach as usual. "Shuichi!"

"Noo, Mom…" Shuichi murmured, barely stirring. Yuki changed tactics and elbowed Shuichi sharply. "Eh?"

"Alarm clock!"

"Uhh," Shuichi yawned. Yuki felt the bed shift as Shuichi leaned over and mercifully turned off the infernal noise, then a little more shuffling, then nothing.

After a few minutes, Yuki picked up his face just far enough to see that Shuichi had flopped back down onto his back, his eyes closed, his chest rising and falling evenly. Yuki elbowed him again.

"Eh?" Shuichi opened one violet eye to regard him sleepily.

"Don't you have work?" Yuki asked, voice gruff.

"Tired," Shuichi reported, letting the eye slip closed again. He snuggled a little further down under the comforter. "Feels good here."

Yuki almost had a moment of guilt, because part of the reason Shuichi was so exhausted was because he'd been woken up by Yuki crawling to bed after 4 AM that morning after he'd finally finished a rough chapter of his next book. Woken up very, very thoroughly.

But honestly, Yuki thought to himself, how was he supposed to resist miles of pale skin in his bed begging to be touched and marked? How was he supposed to pass up a chance to have a warm and compliant Shuichi writhing half-asleep underneath him?

He wasn't, that's how, Yuki told his conscience, a smile tweaking the corner of his mouth up at the memory. The whole point of letting the brat sleep in the bed was so that he'd be there when Yuki wanted him.

"Get up," Yuki ordered, laying his head back down against the pillow, but keeping his head tilted so he could see Shuichi. There was a minute amount of stirring, but Shuichi's eyes didn't open.

"Why?" he grumbled. "You don't care whether or not I go to the studio."

"I care that K doesn't burst into my bedroom waving a gun when you don't show up at work," Yuki retorted. "Besides, you're too loud. I have to write."

"That so?" Shuichi did open his eyes finally, but only so he could give Yuki a skeptical look.

"Yes," Yuki said firmly, narrowing his eyes. Shuichi did not look fooled, but he slid out of bed. Yuki had been about to close his eyes again, but naked Shuichi was much more aesthetically pleasing than the backs of his eyelids.

"Liar," Shuichi accused, stretching with his back to the bed, and Yuki let his eyes wander the smoothness of his back, his hands twitching at the memory of those muscles taut under them. "You finished that chapter last night. You're going to lay there until one or two, then smoke for a few hours without eating anything, and then complain you have a headache when I get home."

"Brat," Yuki growled, reflecting that he'd perhaps become a bit too predictable. Shuichi glanced over his shoulder with an expression that Yuki did not like one bit, but before he could get out a syllable of protest, Shuichi had leapt onto the bed and landed firmly on Yuki's stomach.

"Oof!" he grunted, reaching up to shove Shuichi and ending up with an armful of naked vocalist. "Idiot, what the hell are you doing?!"

"I'm sure you didn't forget already," Shuichi teased, pinning Yuki down with knees on either side of his waist and leaning down to nip his ear. "It's only been a few hours since last time."

"Work!" Yuki grunted, even as the assault on his ticklish spot made him arch up against Shuichi. Humming his appreciation, Shuichi wriggled against him, the blankets doing nothing to preserve Yuki's dignity.

Fine, the brat wanted to be late to work? Yuki could definitely do something about that. Rolling them over suddenly, Yuki crushed Shuichi into the mattress with his weight, sealing his lips over a tempting expanse of shoulder and sucking until Shuichi kicked a leg free of the covers tangled between them and wrapped it around Yuki's waist.

"Yuuuki!" he whined, throwing his head back against the pillows. Yuki pulled away just enough to admire the rising bruise against the pale skin, then moved to lick the hollow above Shuichi's collarbone.

What Yuki had taken for random Shuichi flailing was actually a distracted attempt to tug the blankets out from between them. Yuki finally caught on when suddenly there was nothing separating his cock from Shuichi's bare thigh. He nearly moaned when Shuichi dug his heel into Yuki's back and arched again, but managed to strangle it into a grunt at the last second.

This was about the point when lube should be found, Yuki knew, but he was still half-asleep and he was pretty sure it hadn't made it back into the drawer after last night and god only knew where it was now and it was so much easier just to let his eyes slip closed and to go on thrusting against Shuichi, into the perfect, hot crease of his thigh…

Yuki's eyes flew open again when fingers wrapped around his cock. Shuichi had managed to work his hand in between them and was actually stroking both of them, squeezing their cocks against each other. All thoughts of lube vanished as Yuki braced his elbows on either side of Shuichi and thrust against him in earnest.

Shuichi gasped Yuki's name again, his breath catching at the end and making it sound a lot longer than two syllables, and Yuki's lips twitched in self-satisfaction at putting the brat's lung capacity to good use for once. Letting his head fall forward, Yuki licked the straining tendon of Shuichi's shoulder before biting down on it.

Giving a hitched exclamation that Yuki was quite familiar with by now, Shuichi pressed himself tightly to Yuki's chest as he came, shivering from the heel that was still digging into Yuki's back all the way up to the shoulder that Yuki's lips were pressed against. After a long moment, Shuichi slipped bonelessly back to the bed, leg sliding off Yuki's waist so that his foot came to rest on Yuki's calf.

Half-closed, purple eyes peered up at Yuki, making his thrusts stutter to a halt, and the lazy grin underneath the eyes sent a shiver through Yuki that had nothing to do with an orgasm. The grin widened with mischief a split-second before Shuichi surged forward to crush his lips against Yuki's, and the next thing Yuki knew he'd been rolled over onto his back and had a pop star straddling his hips.

He struggled, trying to roll them back over, and growled a little when Shuichi pressed down firmly with his weight, keeping him pinned. Shuichi's grin merely widened.

"Stay," he ordered, wriggling further down Yuki's body. Such sheer outrage that the uke had dared give him an order coursed through Yuki's veins that he actually obeyed for the twenty seconds it took Shuichi to bring his mouth level with Yuki's cock.

Not that the little twit got to where he was going right away, or anything sensible like that. Instead, Shuichi paused at soft skin of Yuki's lower belly, where streaks of fluid were already beginning to dry. Eyes flickering upward, as if to make sure he had Yuki's full attention, Shuichi laid his tongue flat over the nearest streak and cleaned it away with a deliberate, wet swipe.

Yuki fisted his hands in the sheets tangled underneath him as Shuichi covered his stomach with thorough licks and did absolutely nothing about the erection that was bumping him in the chest every time he breathed. Yuki was trying to convince his hands to unclench from the sheets so he could twist them in Shuichi's hair and force things along, when finally, finally, lips wrapped around the very tip of his cock.

To say that Yuki yowled when Shuichi unexpectedly slid from barely touching him down to 'oh my god where is he putting that' would be inaccurate, but only because Yuki's jaw was clenched so hard that the only noise that could escape was a prolonged snort through his nose.

Shuichi didn't give stellar blowjobs, but it was due mostly to lack of practice rather than enthusiasm. Usually this sort of thing was a pit stop on the way to bigger and better ones, but this morning, with a hellish chapter of his novel freshly finished and a haze of sleep still over everything, the only thing that Yuki could seem to move was his hand to slide through the hair at the nape of Shuichi's neck. He didn't even push down with it to get Shuichi to take more, although that was mostly because the last time he'd been a little rough in this position, Shuichi had had to explain to the studio about a sudden sore throat while K fingered his gun menacingly and Yuki had received a dry phone call from Tohma asking if he might be a little more careful as tour season was approaching.

This had its own charms, to let Shuichi coax Yuki's body at his own pace. Although Yuki couldn't say he was completely comfortable with the way Shuichi was pinning his hips to the bed, this morning it seemed easy to convince himself that he wasn't giving up control, he was just letting Shuichi do all the work.

Nice as it was, Yuki didn't want to be there forever, so he reached down and wrapped his hand around the base of his cock, underneath Shuichi's lips, and squeezed in the rhythm he liked. Shuichi willingly lifted his head a little to give Yuki room and concentrated on sucking the tip.

It only took a few strokes done the right way for Yuki to hover on the edge of orgasm, and then one more to send him over the edge, making the edges of his vision blur and his breath catch in his throat.

By the time he was coming down, Shuichi had wriggled up to snuggle against his chest, although at least the brat didn't try to kiss him. Instead he rubbed his cheek against Yuki's collarbone and threw his arm over Yuki to press closer.

"I love you, Yuki," he sighed. Yuki only grunted in reply, but when he raised his hand to brush away the pink hair that was tickling his cheek, he left it resting on Shuichi's head. For a few minutes they laid there, Yuki not quite drowsing because he was on his back instead of his stomach and beginning to wonder why Shuichi was being so quiet.

"All right, get out," he finally said when he was tired of waiting for the other shoe to fall, rolling away from Shuichi onto his stomach and letting his head sink into the pillow. "Go to work."

"You're so mean," Shuichi whined, but slid out of bed obediently, and a minute later Yuki heard the shower running.

Sinking back into sleep, Yuki barely stirred a bit later when Shuichi kissed the back of his neck goodbye and went slamming out the front door.

The sound of the door slamming again half-woke him not nearly enough later, and a pop star bouncing on the bed beside him finished the job. Cracking open an eye, Yuki located the clock and saw that barely a half hour had gone by.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" he demanded, lifting his head to glare at Shuichi.

"You don't know what day it is, do you?" Shuichi asked, sitting on his knees and bouncing a little. He was already stripping off the oversize orange sweatshirt and tossing it to the floor. "I didn't either! Aren't we both idiots?"

"What," Yuki growled slowly, "the hell is going…"

"Yuki, it's Saturday!" Shuichi laughed, tipping himself forward to sprawl against Yuki's back. "Isn't that funny?"

"Just go back to sleep," Yuki grunted, letting his head fall back into the pillow. Although, as Shuichi fussed with the covers and jostled Yuki around and finally settled in against his side, Yuki did have to admit that it was a little bit funny.

Not like he was going to laugh or anything like that.

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