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a challenge drabble and something silly

The ibook is still suffering from vertical line disease, because the one guy who fixes that is on vacation. So it's being used as a desktop model till next Monday. But I want to WRITE *whines*

Title: A Prickly Situation
House: Ravenclaw
Word Count: 100
Author's Notes: Using sentence 27 (the hedgehog one) by Snape the Snivelling.

On the way to the pond, Bill, Charlie and Harry found Ginny naked with a hedgehog. Diving behind a bush, she quickly explained that she was on her way to go skinny dipping with Hermione, but had been sidetracked by the curiously tame hedgehog.

“He even let me pet him!” Ginny grinned.

“Put it down and let’s go, Gin!” Charlie urged. He glanced at Harry. “You can wear my T-shirt.”

Ginny obediently set it down and scurried out of the bush. After they were gone, the hedgehog disappeared with a ‘pop!’ and a queasy looking Ron appeared.

“Just…wanted…to…see…Hermione…” he gasped.

I also wrote a completely random drabble after being inspired by sparrohawk's comment about amanuensis1's icon on this thread

Your Attention, Please!
Word count: 100

Lucius stepped out onto the stage, the spotlight bleaching his pale features to a ghostly sheen. He held up his cane and glared at the audience for a moment. Then he spoke:

"My cane will now do an impression of the Headmaster,” he announced.

“Lemon drop! Lemon drop!” the cane ‘squeaked’ while Lucius’ lips moved perceptibly.

“Does it seem to you,” McGonagall turned in her seat to ask Sprout, “that the alumni talent competition gets stranger every year?”

Sprout shrugged.

“Now,” Lucius was still performing, “he will do it while I drink a glass of water…”

“Gurgle,” said the cane.
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