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sappharine orbs and computer abstraction

I survived the crazy travel weekend!

Friday night, sociofemme and I drove down to starrysummer's house, having only one incident where the car spun out of control and faced the wrong way going 70 before plowing into a snowbank.

Then we barely made the train into NYC, then we barely made dinner (are you sensing a theme already?). We ate at Tony's (big thumbs up for chocolate decadence and tiramisu) with musesfool, idlerat, and marksykins, which as you might imagine was largely the BEST THING EVAH OMG except for going back to Ellen and Robin's hotel and drinking (except for me, obviously) and talking fannish business until people had no choice but to make the very last train home.

i won't tell you how many times the words "you should so write that" were uttered *POKES* *POKESPOKESPOKES*. With the right people, field trips in tiny elevators to room 215 are the stuff of legends. or possibly questionable challenges.

then the brilliant and gracious musesfool let me crash on her couch, which was very comfortable and looked like the sort of thing Remus Lupin should be lounging on while he reads romance novels and eats bonbons, after some Homicide action. (take off that goddamned TIE). It's so going to be all about the Tick next time.

We got up to procur the tastiest bagels in NYC and made our respective trains with perfect timing. and here i will cut, because that is the end of the mostly fannish gushing.

So i got to Harrisburg perfectly on time, and just barely made the bridesmaid dress fitting (only $100! woot!) and got to see Steph for a little bit, which was hot, and made fun of other people trying on the most hideous dresses in existance (those little stick-up flowers on old ladies' bathing caps? so totally all over a hot pink dress). Looked around for a copy of NES Legend of Zelda, but found that ebay is going to be the best option. feh.

Saw my parents for dinner and the length of several seinfelds, then helped my brother finish up his Valentine's Day present for his first girlfriend. it involved a lot of red duct tape and some sharpies and a midnight trip to Walmart, so clearly i was in heaven.

on the way down and back, i read the book Idoru by William Gibson, which had otaku and virtual reality and rock stars and a girl named Chia nd sexy computers and australian bodyguards, and it was by far the best book i have read in a long, LONG time. His style is a little jarring at first, there's some switching between past and present tense depending on the action in a scene, and he's a fan of sentence fragments. but ohgod so good, and i was plotting fic to write immediately after i was finished.

back on the train to NYC, barely make the train back to Conn, hop in the car, and five hours in the car later, my long strange dream ceased to continue.

and it was all being a little bit cute the whole time.
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