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instant messaging accessability

since a ton of you have YM instead of AIM, i'm going to try one of these multi-platform messaging thingers.

I've got Adium here, and it purports that i am signed into Yahoo Messenger and AIM. The AIM seems to be working okay. Although if you want to IM me to make sure you got exported, go for it.

if you are on YM, can you drop me a line so I can see whether it's working for real? or, you know, if you actually want to talk to me. I'd love to add some of you hardcore YMers to my blist (is that what you call it?)

I'm mousapelli there too, or so the Adium claims.

(it's got a duck icon! it flaps its wings when i have a message! you know you want to make the duck flap...)

ETA: thanks, florahart and contrariwise. it works!
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