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Moving all my stuff to a new room bites, even if i like the new room a lot.

And no one answered my question about what their favorite funny HP fic is, not even ellen! :( Come on guys, tell me what you think.

True Romance
Word Count: 100.

Liz glanced at Michael as Maria stalked away.

“You forgot her birthday?” she asked critically. Michael grunted, still rubbing his cheek.

“What did Max get you for your last birthday?” he asked after a moment.

“He went to the spot in the desert where we spent the night that one time and brought me back a rock from there. And he told me he loved me,” Liz replied with a soulful sigh.

Michael thought about this, then bent over and scooped a rock off the ground.

“Hey, Maria!” he called, jogging after her.

Liz slapped a hand to her forehead.
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