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Fic: Anybody Want a Peanut, Harry/Draco/Neville

oh, and while I'm at it, this is the fic that I wrote for marksykins over on exihlaroinsigni

Title: Anybody Want A Peanut? [Harry/Neville/Draco]
Rating/warnings: NC-17 for some dubious consent and insolent plants.
Summary: Draco does not like the way Harry and Neville are looking at him at all.
AN: the H/D/N is so completely all Marks' fault. 5k worth of smut cannot say thanks for every time she's made me laugh or boggle at the hot, but hopefully she understands what I mean.

Anybody Want A Peanut? [Harry/Neville/Draco, NC-17]
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