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*hugs the day off*

so the printer ellen and i have owned for two weeks is suddenly not so much with the printing. I called the HP line and they guy was very helpful (and sounded cute and i occasionally lost the thread of the conversation as i imagined various uses for printing ribbons), but in the end, like always, nobody has any idea what's wrong with my device and they are just mailing me a new one.

the minor electrical field power strikes again. I really am a mutant, it's just that my powers aren't any good for doing anything besides ruining my stuff.

but today is my day off, so i get to hang around and write and not go outside where it is cold. Sounds like a good day for a meme.

Give me something to rave about. Pairing, fandom, quirk of life, whatever. I will tell you what i think rocks hardcore about it.
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