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i need some glowsticks for these raves

The raves people asked for earlier today:

for musesfool: Achilles/Patroclos:

One of the oldest slash fandoms there is. Alexander shipped Achilles/Patroclos. It's the story of the best friends, something that has always resonated with me, of the patient and enduring friend caring for the impetuous, sunbright friend who is destined to burn out early, putting up with his temper tantrums and listening to him butcher the lyre, and putting the foot down when the nonsense has to end.

In high school, my favorite english teacher's favorite story was that of Achilles and Patroclos, and when he brought it up for the first time, someone in my class asked if they were lovers, and Lavelle said very derisively "they were best friends, but when pressed was forced to admit grudgingly that they were buried in the same urn, whereupon the whole class broke into hoots.

It's a ship that's lasted 4000 years for good reason.

for fantomeq: Autumn:

Autumn's my favorite season hands down, because the air is crisp and smells like woodsmoke, and the leaves are all shiny colors (i think we all know about me and shiny).

But mostly, it is because it begins to get cold again in autumn, and sprunks are not built for heat (or speed. or anything that isn't eating pringles and watching L&O reruns). so it's finally comfortable to be wearing jeans again, and i don't have to have my hair tied up all the time, and i can sleep under blankets without sweating like balls.

plus new tv! and every one is back at school, which means fast internet and people online and better downloading. It's also the one time of year when i actually have a good amount of money from working all summer, so i usually get myself a new toy that i've been hankering for.

for florahart: Green Jello:

Jello is not my favorite thing in the world, but green jello always makes me smile a little, because when i used to go to summer camp, they would have these huge buckets of green jello, and whenever someone would walk by, the whole thing would jiggle like mad, like it was laughing at them, and that was pretty funny to me.

also, you know how you were supposed to make the jigglers and it never really worked right but you did it anyway? obviously the only color dinosaurs could be was green.

for ekaterinn: Yuki/Shuichi:

Yuki Eiri is the hottest, crankiest novelist (i love how that sounds superlative) on earth, and the funniest thing ever is the expressions on his face when Shuichi is turning his world upside down and shaking it for loose change. but even better than that is when Shuichi flips out and starts yelling right back at him, because i'm pretty sure that nobody has ever done that to him before. Tohma is coaxing, Mika gets angry but just storms off (must be a family trait), but Shuichi gets all up in his face and just lets loose. he does it a lot more in the manga than in the anime, but it pushes my buttons every time.

and no one has ever broken down doors to get to Yuki either, either, punched holes through walls and worn puppy suits and written ridiculous pop love songs. and probably nobody has ever been raped because of him. From the outside it looks as though Yuki needs to take care of Shuichi, which is why it works for him i think, but then really on the interior, that just means that Shuichi is right there to actually take care of Yuki.

and honestly, the most squeeful confession of attraction ever is "you are being a little bit cute right now".

for dementedsiren: dipping things in chocolate:

I am a child of central PA, which means hershey chocolate is like the center of the universe. when i was little, my father would take me out there to ride the chocolate world ride all the time, because it was free and you got samples at the end.

raisinets are one of my favorite candies. i like to get them at the movies and eat them at the same time as popcorn, so it is all sweet/salty/crunchy/squishy all at the same time. and junior mints! ooh, i love them. i like to drop them in my hot chocolate so that they melt and make it all rich and minty.

and cadbury cream eggs. oh sweet merciful jesus, it's a good thing you can only get them once a year (like almost right now squee!)

for ramen_addict: Yami/Yugi:

oh god, the slash. so much the slash that american TV must change entire key conversations in the series so that impressionable american children do not see two boys tearfully pledging to stay together always always always. and they are so sweet together, their little nicknames for each other, 'dark' and 'light' and 'partner'. They aren't fooling around with this 'two parts of the same soul' business, it's a big concern in the Seal of Oricalchos arc that without Yugi's light, Yami's soul is in serious danger of being consumed by the dark.

and they are in the same body, which either one of them can be in control of. The sheer possibilities of that boggle my mind. especially when you consider that one of them is an ancient spirit who has been around the block quite a few times, and the other is as pure as the newly driven snow, only wearing a collar.

i mean, come on now.

for swimchica623: showers:

showers are amazing. they can warm you up or cool you down. the most relaxing thing on earth to have one with really strong water pressure and just let it pound on your neck and back. They always get rid of my headaches, and get rid of that thing where half of you is really cold but your cheeks are all flushed.

plus, you know, not sitting in your own dirty water, as well.

any other takers? this is fun.

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