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mm, wings

I watched a bunch more Samurai Champloo, which like Cowboy Bebop apparently needed some time to grow on me, and then the first DN Angel to break it up.

ten seconds into the episode there are tall bishounen beating the crap out of each other, one with big white wings, one with big black ones, and then one gets chained spead-eagle to a big mirror *dies of the kink*

Then there is the most adorable spiky-haired boy, and the bishounen classmate booking alone time with him in the art room, and a mother who is like Yuuri's mother's longlost clone.

and TWINS.

and that's when i knew that this was going to be something brilliant.

in terms of the Champloos, i think when Jin kills somebody for double-crossing and nearly killing Mugen, possibly my reaction should not be "awww, how sweet!"

*cracks knuckles* time to work on the remix. or, you know, start it.
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