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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

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death note 58 ownzzors my soul


This...this is crap!

on the one hand, i'm not sure i believe in it, because if they rushed L to the hospital and Yagami-san reported his death back to the others, that means it was neither instaneous, which is not so Kira-esque, nor witnessed by Raito, in which case, he could have instructed Yagami-san to lie to buy himself some time now that he's sure about Raito. *clings desperately to loophole* and it didn't seem like it was Rem's plan to kill L, just Watari, because didn't they agree that L's sudden death would only put Misa under more suspicion?

but on the other hand AAAAAAAGH WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!! bring back my psychotic monkey contortionist right this second! you are breaking up my slash dynamic and that is not on, NOT ON, do you hear me?!

and ps--my little slashy heart went pitty-pat when Raito dived to the floor and cradled L in his arms, even if it was for the purposed of leering at him in victory.

*hunkers down to wait miserably for 59*
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