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it's a good thing i have Thursdays off. Last night i was so tired i fell asleep in the middle of an IM conversation (sorry about that, musesfool), and needless to say accomplished nothing all yesterday.

Must Do Today:
--Prose Comp homework, and latin homework wouldn't hurt me either (she said that if she had had to do one more mixed condition in indirect speech, heads would have been rolling.)
--Roman History reading (AHAHAHAHAH hundreds of pages behind and fuck you too, livy) but you have to appreciate the online text typos in the Res Augustae: "when Sextus Pompeius and Sextus Appuleius were consuls (14 A.C.E.), in which lustrum were cunted 4,937,000 of the heads of Roman citizens."
--start reading Aeneid for comps in April
--start Roman History research project on Cult of Hercules

Would Like To Do Today:
--work on/finish Remix
--work on scattered fics including but not limited to the FMA request, the otterfic, the conrad/yozak and a bunch of stuff a certain person likes to poke me about when i am in the throes of deadlines already.
--see the English depts. showing of Hero, as i have not seen it yet.

*cracks knuckles*

ETA: and if you've read the whole way through Death Note 58, this is freaking hilarious. All L's base are belong to Raito.
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