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burn baby burn!

was paid today, and thanks to the ungodly number of hours i subbed last week (haha, i sound dirty) i just amazoned my brand new LaCie 16x external DVD+/-R firewire burner with Toast Titanium 6, along with a 25-pack of Verbatim discs.

*is poor but MAD WITH POWER*

the internet went out in the midst of ordering it, so i had to call Adelphia and impersonate Ellen on the phone, because i refused to be thwarted. "Listen pal, i have $200 that needs a-spendin'! Fix that bastard right now!"

I can't wait for my new toy! Then i will be able to watch...things *is shifty* ...and work on the computer at the same time. Huzzah for technology!!

now if only Amazon would send me dinner. Gar!
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