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one of us has italian meatloaf. guh huh sogoodyum. plus, this means cold meatloaf sandwiches for days *salivates*

the remix is done and sent in! woohoo! whoever's got me, you'd better be getting your ass in gear (or not, because last year i got two presents out of it, so you know what take your time).

and the Yu-Gi-Oh! where Yugi's soul gets taken and Yami cries like a little girl was on again this morning. Goddamn I love that episode. Mostly because Joey punches Yami in the head, hahahaha, and I am so going to write fic about that.

not that I don't have a hundred billion other things to be writing *pokes the conrad/yozak and the bruno/boots*

for those in the know: PIE! PIE! PIE!
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