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Disco Stu needs no advertisement!

one of us has a brand new DVD burner.

a brand new DVD burner that burned a DVD in six minutes. SIX MINUTES!!!!! you know, i remember when i got my first cd burner, and it took 22 minutes to burn a cd, and you were happy about it.

The new burner can burn a cd at something like 52x. LaCie ownzzors my soul. and once again with the 'just plug it in and it works' business. god, i love this ibook.

and moreover, it turns out that my DVD player (which i bought after about five minutes of thought because it was $35) not only plays VCDs and all sorts of other weird things, it's also non-regional. which means i can play DVDs from any country. I think you all know where this is going.

*explodes with technological glee*
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