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Remix Revealed!

Woo! I can finally pimp my own remices! although I don't mind the anonymity as much as musesfool herself does.

I did two this year, a main and a pinch (a pinch is a device which...)

For copperbadge, I wrote Till All My Skin Was Gone (The Homes That I Have Loved Remix), based on his fic "Ages of Ink". I think we all know what a squeeing Sam fangirl I really am, so needless to say I had a ridiculous amount of fun doing this. Tattoos!! come on now, is there any doubt this is me?

For lyricalnights I wrote Loyalty (The Going Postal Remix), based on her fic "Loyalty". this is the second time I've done a challenge fic for her, which made me smile. This also had screaming signs that it was me, including a guest appearance by Percy's fern from "Third Party Loyalties". but not plant POV.

and FINALLY, i get to post the fanart i drew for musesfool's Remix, Promised Eternity (A Ring of Endless Light Remix), which is glorious and heartbreaking and ickle!Harry and you must read it! The scene from Harry's second birthday made me go all warm and googly, so I drew this for her:

A Ring of Endless Light (The Future Quidditch Stars of Britain Remix). Padfoot and Harry and paper snitches, I don't know how you can resist that.
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