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That is the weight of a move.

Notes from everywhere:

1. ladysorka: Package arrived this afternoon. THANK YOU OMG! They work perfectly, they look gorgeous, and Hikaru is SO CUTE on my TV that i can hardly stand it. I already watched two discs. And aw, thanks for the candy too. The offer of gratitude in any medium you desire is an open one.

1 1/2. I'm pretty sure it isn't cool that during the junior high tournament i squealed out loud "They're all so highstrung! Aw, how cute, I bet some of them might slit their wrists if they lose!"

2. My love for the cheapie DVD player grows ever more fervent. The overscan of my TV is huge, and it cuts off top subs and stuff on either side, but my DVD remote has a button just for resizing that I have never noticed before. Fixed in two seconds. This thing had better last forever, because I am never going to be able to replace it.

3. At the grocery store, I randomly parked next to a gray Toyota Tacoma, which was exactly the truck i was looking at before I bought the Sonoma because it was the one that was at the used lot. Looking at them side by side, the Sonoma is much sleeker. The perfect choice made accidentally yet again (see also, the DVD player mentioned above).

4. Latin test: ass roaringly kicked. Done in 15 minutes. Had to sight read one passage because i never exactly made it to the end of the translation, NO PROBLEM. This has given me a glimmer of hope that maybe my comps will be okay. ohgodplease.

5. My mother called to say her aunt died last night. She isn't clear on the details, but seems like she went peacefully in her sleep. Then she said that she wonders if her aunt and my grandfather and their siblings are all playing cards together right now, and that kind of broke me a little.

6. Bakura Ryou is such a cute little Albino. Why aren't you all writing me Ryou/Bakura hurt comfort fic? And also, it cracks me up that fandom absolutely cannot agree on what to call Hikari and Yami Marik. Malik? Marik? Ishtar? Namu? Marriku? It's a disaster. They agree on Ryou and Bakura, I don't see why there's such drama about the Mariks. Also, do we know what the scars cut into his back look like?

7. The emporer Septimius Severus' last words were "Cuncta fui, et nihil profuit" which means "I have been everything, and it was all pointless". I think i need a T-shirt that says this.
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