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Fic, Too Many Sugar Flowers For Someone

title: Too Many Sugar Flowers For Someone [Yuuri/Wolfram]
Rating and Warnings: NC-17. Yuuri's a bit under the influence, but it's the good kind of sort-of-noncon.
Summary: Yuuri samples a few local delicacies at the Winter's End Festival that have quite the effect on him.
AN: For iscandar's challenge about this picture. This is so completely not the Conrad/Yozak I'm supposed to be writing.

Too Many Sugar Flowers For Someone

Wolfram pushed open the door to his and Yuuri's bedroom with relief. Not that he didn't enjoy the Winter's End Festival, but keeping up with a ten-year-old hepped up on sugar flowers was more exhausting than saving the kingdom any day. Fortunately Greta seemed worn out as well, and hadn't even asked Wolfram to stay and read her a story after he had tucked her in.

Letting out a wide yawn, he was putting a hand up to loosen his collar when the door slammed shut behind him. Whirling around, sword already half-drawn, Wolfram came face to face with…

…Yuuri, leaning against the door with a predatory smile.

"Hi, Wolf," Yuuri purred, giving Wolfram a look that made his cheeks heat.

"Yu-Yuuri?" Wolfram asked. The Maou pushed away from the door, and as he stepped closer, Wolfram noticed that Yuuri's eyes were dark and the top two buttons of his usual jacket were undone, revealing a V of skin tanned from baseball. "Are you okay?"

"Fine," Yuuri answered. He reached down to cover Wolfram's hands with his own and pushed his sword back into its sheath. He didn't stop there, but ran hands around Wolfram's waist until he could undo the buckle and let his belt and sheath drop to the floor. "I don't think you need these."

"Yuuri!" Wolfram yelped as Yuuri's slid hands up to his throat and began tugging the lace to the side. "Are you sure you're feeling okay?"

"Mmhmm." Yuuri flicked open Wolfram's top button. "But you feel a little chilled."

"Well, it might be called the Winter's End Festival," Wolfram answered, "but it sure isn't the height of summer out there. I spent all day out in the cold chasing our daughter around."

"I saw," Yuuri chuckled, expression shifting briefly to affectionate, and the last of Wolfram's buttons fell open. "You shouldn't have let her eat all those sugar flowers."

"I shouldn’t have?" Wolfram demanded, voice wobbling a little as Yuuri's fingers skated down his sides under his jacket. "And just how many did you have?"

"Not a single one," Yuuri informed him archly. He leaned forward and nipped Wolfram's earlobe, murmuring, "but I did have quite a few of those candied berry things."

"Yuuri!" Wolfram jerked back, eyes wide. "You idiot, this is a fertility festival!"

"I know," Yuuri answered, slipping one hand further around Wolfram's waist to run fingers up his spine.

"No," Wolfram grit his teeth and pushed Yuuri back a step. "Dammit, I told Conrad not to let you wander off by yourself! Those 'candied berry things' are natural aphrodisiacs, you wimp!"

"I know." Yuuri covered one of Wolfram's hands with his own and brought it up to kiss his palm.

"God, I never should have…" Wolfram trailed off and narrowed his eyes at Yuuri. "Wait, you know? What do you mean, you know?"

"I mean," Yuuri slid his lips down a little and grazed the inside of Wolfram's wrist with his teeth, "that I know. About your festival and your berry things. Murata told me. Thought I might want to know."

"Oh." Wolfram blinked. Yuuri nipped his wrist harder. "Oh." Shaking his head a little, Wolfram looked at Yuuri with dawning comprehension. "Does that mean that you…that you want…"

"I want you," Yuuri said. Before Wolfram could respond, other than to blush hotly, Yuuri reached down and scooped an arm under his knees, lifting him.

"Yuuri!" Wolfram exclaimed, throwing arms around Yuuri's neck for balance.

"All that sword fighting's good for something after all." Yuuri chuckled, but it was a little breathless, and he took the dozen steps to the bed very quickly. When he reached it, he tumbled both of them onto the bed with obvious relief. "Maybe a little more practice," he said ruefully, taking a few deep breaths. He poked Wolfram in the side. "Or a few less sugar flowers for someone."

"Jerk!" Wolfram slapped Yuuri's hand away and pouted, but allowed Yuuri to gather him closer, his forehead pressed against Yuuri's neck.

"Poor Wolfram," Yuuri teased. "You're still cold though. We'll have to see what we can do about that."

"You know, I doubt taking off my clothes is actually going to help," Wolfram commented as Yuuri stripped off his jacket and tossed it to the floor. He shivered for emphasis.

"It's a process," Yuuri commented. He undid the rest of his buttons and flung his own jacket aside. Wolfram's fingers itched to slide over all that smooth, warm skin. "There, now we're even."

"Are not," Wolfram protested. He undid enough of his shirt buttons that he could tug it over his head and sent it to join Yuuri's jacket on the floor. "There," he said smugly, "now we're even." Yuuri laughed and rolled onto his back, pulling Wolfram with him so that he was leaning over Yuuri.

"See? I'm really warm." Yuuri snuggled up against Wolfram's chest.

"Cheater!" Wolfram bristled indignantly until Yuuri took a hold of his belt loops and pulled them very close together, making him gasp. "Yuuri, what…"

"I told you," Yuuri nuzzled the hollow of Wolfram's throat. "I want you." He rocked his hips firmly against Wolfram's, letting Wolfram's weight settle in between his legs, in case Wolfram was still unclear about the plan.

"Y-Yuuri!" Wolfram tried to focus, even as he bit back a moan. "Are you sure you want to?"

"Well, you seem to enjoy it," Yuuri shrugged, making Wolfram flush again.

"I know more about it than you," Wolfram mumbled. He wriggled a little in embarrassment, and also because Yuuri was running fingers just under his waistband.

"I think at this point we probably both know what there is to know," Yuuri informed him conspiratorily. "But if you think I need to do some more research, we do happen to have the Great Sage handy—OW!"

Wolfram bit down on Yuuri's shoulder a little harder in warning before letting go, eyeing the mark with approval. Showing other people that Yuuri was his was sure a lot more fun than yelling about it.

"Wo-olf," Yuuri moaned, tilting his head back. Wolfram ran his tongue over the rising bruise, then slid a hand into Yuuri's hair to pull him up for a deep kiss.

Both of them were feeling pretty warm by the time the kiss broke, and there was a brief shuffle of pants removal and lube retrieval.

Yuuri hissed when Wolfram's finger slid partway inside him, but grabbed Wolfram's wrist when he began to pull back.

"Don't be…such a wimp," Yuuri said through clenched teeth, and Wolfram narrowed his eyes as he pushed farther in.

I'll give him 'wimp', Wolfram thought. He crooked his finger, making Yuuri yelp. Teasing aside, Wolfram wrapped his free hand around Yuuri's waning erection and stroked firmly. Distracted, Yuuri relaxed enough that Wolfram slipped a second finger in with a minimum of struggle.

"Wolfram," Yuuri moaned, arching into his hands, "come on."

"Dammit, idiot, stop rushing," Wolfram grumbled. He felt a flutter of nerves in his stomach as he slid his fingers out of Yuuri and slicked his own erection. "Yuuri, the berries…are you sure about this? You don't…"

"Now, Wolfram!" Yuuri demanded. Wolfram's jaw dropped a little, and a flush spread over Yuuri's nose. "Please," he added.

It was the 'please' that undid Wolfram, and he held Yuuri steady with one hand, and himself with the other. When Wolfram slid that the first inch in, Yuuri made a rough noise and squeezed his eyes shut. Wolfram reached up to cup his cheek and reminded him softly that he needed to relax. After a few shaky breaths, Yuuri managed it, and before Wolfram knew it, he was the whole way inside Yuuri.

He took a moment to scrabble for some semblance of control, and found himself staring down at Yuuri's face. Yuuri's eyes were scrunched tightly shut, and tears were glittering on his lashes. Very carefully, Wolfram leaned down and licked the tears away from the corner of one eye, and then the other.

" 'M okay," Yuuri murmured, breath hitching a little. He opened his eyes, and they were wet but full of a puzzled sort of awe. "Wolf, you're…"

"Yeah," Wolfram cut him off, kissing him. He shifted his hips a little accidentally, and Yuuri made a noise in the back of his throat. "Sorry."

"No," Yuuri moved against Wolfram cautiously, "think it might be okay. Try?"

Wolfram pushed himself up from Yuuri to make the angle easier, then slowly pulled out an infinitesimal amount and pushed back in. God, Yuuri felt good…

"I'm not going to break," Yuuri teased, slipping his hands down to grab the backs of Wolfram's thighs and urging him forward.

"Yuuri," Wolfram hissed between clenched teeth, hanging onto his control by his fingernails. He had no idea how Yuuri had managed to last more than five seconds the first time they had done this, and cursed him for setting such a high standard. "You're…I can't…Yuuri…"

Yuuri laughed, and Wolfram glared down at him, then whined when Yuuri shifted underneath him again.

"Here." Yuuri gave Wolfram a knowing smile, then, taking one of Wolfram's hands that was bracing him above Yuuri, wrapped it around his erection, his own hand covering Wolfram's.

Wolfram had no idea how watching Yuuri stroke himself with their hands and make those soft noises was supposed to help his self-control at all, especially not when Yuuri began lifting his hips into the touch, muscles shivering around Wolfram.

There was a hot pulse in his hand, and Yuuri was coming, head thrown back against the pillows and hand squeezing Wolfram's tightly. Then he went completely boneless, slumping against the mattress.

"Go on then," Yuuri said lazily, giving Wolfram a heavy-lidded gaze. Wolfram tried another experimental slide and found everything just as tight and slick, but much easier. He pushed in a little harder, and Yuuri made a low noise that sent shivers up his spine, then tugged on his thighs again.

Given the green light, Wolfram lasted approximately four and half thrusts. His arms threatened to give out, and Yuuri tugged him down against his chest and stroked his hair and back until the shivering stopped.

"Yuuri," Wolfram said after a few minutes. His nose was pressed into the hollow of Yuuri's throat, and when Yuuri spoke, it made him want to sneeze.

"I know, Wolfram," Yuuri answered, nuzzling Wolfram's hair.

"No, idiot," Wolfram rolled his eyes in exasperation, "I'm freezing!"

Yuuri's hand stilled on Wolfram's back for second, then he laughed.

"I guess it still isn't the height of su…hehhhh…" Yuuri sucked in a breath as Wolfram moved, sliding out of him. "Ow."

"Sorry!" Wolfram's eyes widened. "Damn, I shouldn't have…"

"Moved?" Yuuri supplied with a pained smile. "Ever? That would make being Maou a little difficult, I think."

Wolfram chuckled in spite of himself, and slid off the bed to push the covers back so that Yuuri could wriggle underneath. He joined him hurriedly, the castle night air raising goosebumps on his sweat-cooled skin. Gathering Yuuri close, Wolfram kissed him thoroughly and slowly as a thank you, still a bit in shock over the whole experience.

"Is it always," Wolfram asked when he was settled in his usual spot against Yuuri's side, Yuuri's heart thudding soothingly against his cheek, "so…uh…"

"Hot? Tight? Ridiculously hard not to come like a complete virgin?" Yuuri supplied bluntly, making Wolfram blush and wriggle in embarrassment. "Yeah, mostly it is."

"Oh." Wolfram let his eyes slip closed, because for some reason that actually did make him feel a little better. Beside him, Yuuri shifted with a little 'unh' of discomfort, and Wolfram muttered a soft 'Wimp' before drifting off.

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