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Time for a Yami Game

I got the very very first Yu-Gi-Oh! manga today, the one that's before all the americanized stuff (and doesn't start with 'our story so far'). It's, uh...well, it's pretty fucked up. Yugi gets the crap beaten out of him like five times, Jounouchi is a bully, Honda is a thug, and Yami is a raging homicidal psychopath.

Lemme show you what i mean.

So, here's the first glimpse of Yugi, who looks more like his later version that anybody else. He's a cheerful little freshmen, and he seems to have a crush on Anzu. He likes girls, who knew.

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His friends are...well, they're asses. Jounouchi torments him, Honda makes him an indecent proposal (i'm confused, is it or is it not hard?), and Ribbon may look innocent, but...

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Here's the real, original info on the millenium puzzle and the shadow game. What I came to realize when comparing this to the subs is that what we know as Shadow Games are Yami Games (Yami no Game in Japanese). So, yeah, it is a Game of Darkness, but it's also Yami's Game. This makes the implications of Bakura and Malik and the Shadow Realm rather interesting, in my opinion. All those times everybody goes "Bakura is so evil for playing Shadow Games we must stop his evil ass OMG!"...just remember that Yami did exactly the same thing right after his release.

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And Yami is one disturbing motherfucker as you can see from our first glimpse of him here. Yes, that is him setting a guy on fire. And Yugi has no idea what's happening, because Yami takes him completely over and Yugi wakes up with no memory (Hmm, Bakura?). Yami does mellow just a bit over the course of the volume, until close to the end, he almost looks sane...right before he takes some liberties with an unconscious Anzu *grimace*

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Nonetheless, Yugi's wish for a friend does happen, although it really has nothing to do with Yami, and Joey tries to make up for his earlier behavior by smothering Yugi with affection and offering him porn. (I don't know anybody who would offer people porn to be friends. heh.)

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And in the end, here are some cracked out things. I learned what a 'panty tank' was (i wonder what on earth they were trying to translate?), that Wolverine apparently went to Domino High briefly (how strange indeed), and then there was Jou cuddling a puppy for no reason at all.

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Have I mentioned how much I love my $40 scanner? *cuddles*
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