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If only JKR had corporate sponsoring...

I was watching some less-than-scintillating late-night ads when one in particular inspired some PPMW randomfic (I'mm coining that term, btw, since it seems to be all i can write lately).

A Tense Moment at the Breakfast Table

James and Sirius were quietly eating breakfast when they heard someone moving about in the upstairs bedroom. James froze with his grapefruit spoon halfway to his mouth, and Sirius looked around quickly for the fastest escape route.

It was no good, he realized as the footsteps began to come down the stairs. The door was out in the other room. They were trapped!

“Good morning, James,” Lily said, entering the kitchen. James stared up at her with pleading submission.

“I’m only having a grapefruit,” he told her meekly.

“And I haven’t broken anything this morning,” Sirius put in quickly.

“That’s lovely, Sirius,” Lily replied dismissively. “James, I’m going shopping, have you seen my bag?”

“Er, I think it’s in the lounge?” James sounded as though he was guessing.

“Thank you, dear,” Lily went back through the doorway and Sirius heaved a sigh.

“This morning, free of screaming,” he said sourly, “crying, and mass destruction, brought to you by Pamprin.”

“Shut up, you fool!” James clapped a hand over his best friend’s mouth. “There’s no telling when it might wear off!”

Wish me luck at RA training tomorrow!
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