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dear bittorrent

Dear Bittorrent--

Yes, I know the KKM torrent is from a Chinese site, and I know that the other peers are most likely on some cracked out foreign port, and I know that you can see the AVI version on my desktop already, but you see, darling Bittorrent, the WMP cannot play the AVI because it is some strange WMV3 file, and god forbid Windows programs should play their own goddamn files, so I am forced to download Chinese subs because they are inexplicably realmedia files, because i'll be goddamned if everybody else in the free world is going to get to see Wolfram's earrings while I cannot.

And that is why you must start actually downloading the file from the 50-odd Asians you can see. Because Wolfram has earrings OMGWTFOTP4EVAH.

I knew you would understand.

Love, Sara

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