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Clearly today was an inauspicious day to make tuna salad. *takes two tries to hardboil eggs* *sets off smoke detector* *adds too much mayonaise*

I have just changed my little comment phrases for the first time ever, which will amuse musesfool if nobody else. *mumbles something about Vic's tea bringing boys to the yard* It's only a mild form of the homage due you, baby.

"The pocket crosswords of Severus Snape" is all I'm going to say.

and if anybody's interested, here're the answers to the characters/pairing meme:

1. Law & Order: Jack McCoy, guessed by dipping_sauce

Jack McCoy is my patron god of kickass. He yells at lawyers! he threatens judges! He sleeps with his assistant! He isn't blackmailing you, he's merely offering you a preview of the consequences of refusing his generous offer!

I don't really deal in pairings in this show, but if I did, it would completely be Jack/Claire, which is utterly utterly canon. God i miss her.

2. Kyou Kara Maou: Yuuri/Wolfram, guessed by mark356.

Dude, Yuuri/Wolfram is canon. for real canon. and Wolfram is such a screaming jealous bishounen, I don't know how anybody can think they aren't going to be getting it on in short order.

My favorite character is Yozak. Nobody says "Ta-Daaaaa!" like him. and oh, the crossdressing! He's so cheerful, especially when he's throwing himself in front of somebody's sword for Conrad or Yuuri, he always makes me smile.

3. House: House, guessed by darkeyedwolf

oh my god, he's such an ass. and he says "your plight has moved me" with a straight face!

I don't think there is a pairing. Maybe House/Vicodan.

4. Yu-Gi-Oh!

Favorite character is very fluid here, but at this moment it is Joey, because he won over Yugi in the manga with porn. A man after my own heart. Plus, he'll interrupt ANYTHING to say how much he hates Kaiba.

Yugi/Yami? again, tough call, but these two are my bulletproof OTP. esp now that I know that originally Yami was evil like woah.

5. Simpsons

Probably Lisa. I'm very Lisa-esque.

Skinner/Krabapple. "this means nothing." "you've made that abundantly clear."

6. Futurama: Bender, guessed by fantomeq.

Bite my glorious golden ass, meatbags!

Fry/Leela. He's so shamelessly in love with her, how can you not adore it?

7. Hikaru no Go: Touya (and his pants), guessed by dipping_sauce.

The poor boy, all he wants is to be a Meijin, and Shindou is a loony and fucking everything all up and making him want the cock tormenting him over the internet.

Touya/Shindou, has to be. there is no earthly reason why Touya should be thinking about Hikaru at all in the first 30 episodes (which is where i am), but even during his very first pro match, who is he thinking about? Hikaru. And where is Hikaru? watching the match from the other room, biting off the head of anybody who says Akira is out of his league.

8. Roswell: Max/Liz, mentioned by mark356,

theirloveissowritteninthestars! and God I am a sucker for Jason Behr. ROWR.

Favorite character is Kyle, because he gets screwed right at the beginning and never really recovers until the very end. they used to have more chairs, but over the years their collection has dwindled.

9. Smallville: Lex Luthor, guessed by meupatdoes,

because he has a Chamber Of Clark Kent, and not everybody gets to wave their COCK around on ABC Family.

Clark/Lex obviously. "Watch his! straight to the ass!"

10. X-files: The Lone Gunmen, mentioned by fantomeq,

"Ah, you must be the enigmatic Dr. Scully." No one could sink to lower depths of paranoia and geekdom than these guys. God, i adored them.

Scully/Mulder, always always always. and they totally still call each other scully and mulder in bed.

11. Wolf's Rain

Toboe, because he breaks my heart into tiny tiny pieces.

Kiba/Hige. Right at the beginning i was sold on these two, because Hige is so casual and playful, and Kiba has a stick up his ass the size of a sequoia.

12. X-men Evolution: Nightcrawler (Kurt), guessed by fantomeq,

"Let me give you a hint: Bumpety bumpety bumpety SPLAT!" and also: "Jean, I will profess my love for you with this croissant."

Kitty/Lance. She asked him to the dance and he CAUSED an EARTHQUAKE *dies*

13. Batman Beyond

Terry's little brother. I still call mine 'twip' once in a while.

Terry/Dana (wasn't that her name). I'm a canon whore, what can i say.

14. Teen Titans: Starfire, guessed by dipping_sauce,

"Please, who is this girl, Robin, and why does she call you 'poo'?" and then her lips FALL IN THE PUNCH BOWL bwahahahaha!

Beast Boy/Terra. "This is the greatest pie in the history of pie."

15. Gravitation (i can see it on my TV...)

Ryuichi! he's crazy creepy, i adore his little bipolar moments. He can't get up on a stage without being the rock star, he can't do it. plus kumagoro!

well obviously, Shuichi/Yuki. I have no idea why it works, but god in heaven it does. when Yuki glares at all the reporters in his hallway and says "yeah, we're lovers. He's my boyfriend." I squeal every. single. time.

and now, off to class.

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