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But that's not how it works.

Someone clearly in India: Hallo, end welcome to Netgeer Help.
Me: We can't log in to our router. Everything works, we just can't look at our settings.
SCiI: Please to go to the webpaage...
Me: And the login is X and the password is Y? or possibly the password might also be Z?
SCiI: yeeeees...
me: it doesn't work. we haven't changed it. it used to work, but now no. We've restarted everything, including that thing where you hold down the reset button until your fingers bleed. no.
SCiI: well, yoo must haf changed da passwort.
me: I'm telling you we didn't. and even if we did, we did the reset-button-finger-bleeding thing. It says no.
SCiI: .................dat is not how it werks.
me: yes, well, I can certainly agree with you there.

If anybody else cares to try, my case number is 1560309. They told me to call back when I have a problem that exists.
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