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iPod iChing

from infinitemonkeys by way of musefool:

iPod iChing

You reach for the iPod and set it up to shuffle the songs. There can be no cheating by switching it to a playlist -- it must be on shuffle of everydamnedthing. Then you take the first five songs and this will provide you with the answers you seek to your dilemma.

My divination went as follows:

song 1:The problem at hand: Never, The Cure
Sample lyric: I never read the stars/I have no time for fate/I never see the signs/I have no time to wait/I will never be enough/We will never be in love
Interpretation: you are doing divination rather than work you desperately need to be, everything is hard, and you need to get laid.

Uh wow, hit the nail on the head why don't you. Perhaps now is a good moment to reflect on how i am in tune with the universe and get freakishly accurate tarot readings and horoscopes on a regular basis. I blame it on being a cusp Aries.

Song 2: your feelings about the same: Runaway, Linkin Park
Sample Lyric: Graffiti decorations/Under a sky of dust/A constant wave of tension/on top of broken trust/The lessons that you taught me I learn were never true
Interpretation: The weather is bad, the education department has been lying to you about course requirements, and you are contemplating another tattoo as distraction.

yep, yep, and uh, i'm looking at the design right now.

Song 3: The environment in which you operate: Learning to Breathe, Switchfoot
Sample lyric: What makes your rising sun so new?/I could use a fresh beginning too/All of my regrets are nothing new
Interpretation: You have been doing the same exact thing for five (or is it ten?) years and you are clinging to the knowledge that next year at least the coursework will be different.

and also i spent all morning taking shallow, calming breaths while repeating 'it will all be over thursday. it will all be over thursday'.

Song 4: Immediate action to be taken: So Help Me God, DC Talk
Sample lyric: How can I hang in this environmental state of being/When everything I'm striving for/Is nothing that I'm seeing
Interpretation: Pray. Or, in less dogmatic terms, recognize you are not the higher power here and give in to the wave.

or perhaps Jesus is just irked I didn't go to church on Easter sunday.

Song 5: Likely outcome: Free Fall Without A Parachute, Senses Fail
Sample lyric: With every passing moment, it just keeps getting worse/And I will be, oh I will be, just lost./Oh it's better too...Rush upon this blade./Then give into the fear in your heart.
Interpretation: Things will get much worse before they get better, if they get better. You will throw yourself into the jaws of the beast anyway.

or, slit somebody's throat? WTF, iPod? if your goal was to make me wrist-slashingly depressed with your accuracy, consider your job here done.
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