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just who is seducing who here

there seems to be some confusion about my last entry: you are signing up to be MY minions. When I gain immortality and all.

comps are over. prose was really easy (yay Cicero!), and poetry, as predicted, was more than a little questionable (boo Vergil!), but not in a way that I don't think i passed.

i think i have passed. i think it's over.

my mom is coming up tomorrow morning, and then we are off to Montreal for the weekend (dipping_sauce, do you still have my cell number?). She threatened to leave behind some of my birthday loot in PA, but i said no. NO!

Had a lot of fun with Jef and Douglas and Jana and Beth and Charlie and Pria and Amy, but I think five hours is about my social limit, or at least is without drinking, which poses a problem when you're allergic to alcohol.

squkiwibird, you were right about Mirage of Blaze, it is pretty cool. I watched the first one this morning. It's dubbed, but eh, i'll live. I watched a lot of Hikaru no Go too, and Isumi breaks my heart. I need to write Waya/Isumi comfort smut during the pro exams. and i can't find the first KKM volume anywhere! *kicks VT*
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