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This was fu...

I spent the majority of episode 60 in tears, because i already knew what was coming, and titling the episode "Farewell Hikaru" did not help at all, you bastards. I was just a bit wibbly at the beginning, and then when they were on the train i started to actually sniffle (somebody's fic has to do with Hikaru and the train), and by the time Hikaru is like "Fine, one game, then i'm totally taking a nap", the tears were already streaming.

and then Sai launched into his realization that Toajiro (whose name i cannot spell and am not so much for the looking up of at this second) hadn't wanted to leave him, and he doesn't want to leave to Hikaru (and this is totally making me cry all over again), and that if he is here for Hikaru, then Hikaru must be here for somebody else, at at that point it was a good thing i only had to read subs anyway because i was probably sobbing too hard to make out dialogue.

and now i am applying chocolate pudding to the wound before i attempt to go on to the rest of the series, but it isn't helping so much. The rat, who is already out of sorts because it is laundry day and he is trapped away from my comfy bed, is hanging on the edge of his cage making concerned whuffling noises at me.

or maybe he just wants my pudding.
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