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a Dear Fandom letter

Dear HP fandom:

I realize that you're in a slump, that you feel like everything's been done before, and are simply biding your time until the next phase of your life. After ten years of Latin education, I empathize with you completely. I even sort of understand the intra-fandom cannabalism, in a sort of metaphorical way.

But you see, HP, there are other fandoms out there vying for my attention. Shiny, ickle fandoms where people tell me how much they like me, and use my icons in random places, and yell 'First comment!' on my entries.

I'm not saying it's over, HP. I'm just saying that I think I should see other fandoms. And you should take some Ritalin.

See you in July,


NOTE: don't get all het up, i'm not leaving or anything, I'll just be spending more time squeeing over in KKM rather than wanking in HP. not that there's anything wrong with wanking...
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