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omfg, why can't i stop writing it?

Title: V For Victory (or Look How Cute I Am) [Touya/Shindou]
Rating/Warnings: you know, i think these are actually getting LOWER in rating? but I will have to say PG-13 cause i use the word 'handjob'.
Summary: Touya's hair does things to Shindou.
AN: somebody make me stop, oh god. I really would do 30_kisses at this point, if any of mine matched the official list. After Between Floors.

also, i'm fleeing the library currently, so didn't spellcheck this other than at sight. ramen_addict feel free to smite the nits.

V For Victory

Touya's hair does things to Shindou. Or rather, it makes him want to do things to it.

It's just that it's so straight and smooth and shiny that sometimes it looks like a strange plastic hat when Touya has been sitting motionlessly in front of a goban for such a ridiculous length of time that it proves he is not a human being but a machine programmed only to play Go and occasionally give Shindou a handjob.

Okay, maybe more than occasionally.

Mostly, Shindou wants to bury his hands in Touya's hair and muss it, scrunch the strands through his fingers until Touya stops struggling and melts into the mellow, purring Touya that Shindou accidentally discovered in the aftermath of the Green Tea Pocky Incident Which You Are Not To Mention in Public, Shindou, You Ass.

But there are other things Touya's hair makes Shindou want to do sometimes, brush it back from Touya's face when he leans forward to place a stone, or smooth it down when the static from Touya's winter wool coat makes the back stick out, or bury his face in it and inhale when Touya is jostled against him on the subway and he gets a good noseful of whatever sadly girly conditioner Touya uses.

Shindou's secret favorite, however, is when Touya is tired and has run his hands through his hair, making one section of his ruler-straight bangs lean to the side, leaving a bare V of skin on Touya's forehead.

That's how Shindou finds him when he comes back from getting a drink in the kitchen, leaning back against Shindou's bed, eyes closed, the V of visible forehead furrowed with exhaustion. Touya shouldn't still be tutoring in the midst of the third round of Meijin preliminaries, but he has his favorites and he won't give them up, even when the tutoring runs late and he doesn't get to Shindou's house for their usual good luck game/screaming match until nearly nine at night.

Shindou sets the two sodas he has retrieved down on the floor, then carefully steps around the goban. The reason that this little V of parted hair is Shindou's favorite is because it is the perfect size for him to press a kiss against as he lowers himself into Touya's lap, knees settling on the floor on either side.

"Mmm?" Touya murmurs, tilting his head back a little, and Shindou feels the furrow under his lips smooth out. Smirking in satisfaction, Shindou pulls back to eye Touya critically, and Touya cracks a bleary eye to peer at him.

"God, you're a wreck," he announces, then buries his hands in Touya's hair and scrunches two perfect handfuls, despite Touya's ineffectual thrashing.
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