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i've spent more money not buying KKM...

went to the mall, no KKM yet. *curses VT*

but! went to the Barnes & Nobles for a concilatory iced raspberry mocha, and ended up with Genshiken 1, and also the sneaky early release of Fullmetal Alchemist 1.

OMGSQUEE! *caresses manga!Ed*

I read the first half of Genshiken 1 in the cafe, and if you are an otaku, or have to put up with one, you'll think it's pretty funny. If you've dated one, you'll think it's fucking hilarious. Having done both, i actually had to stop and leave the public place because i was laughing so hard in places people were starting to edge away.

also, note the new icon, which i'm sure gmth will enjoy just as much as I do, if nobody else does.
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