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The best line ever. Seriously.

This is the best line ever from a Sirius/Remus:
James: "I heard you."
Remus: "Oh, god..."
James: "Yeah, sort of like that, only it's more like, 'Oh, god, Sirius, mmm, yes, fuck, good, more...' ow!"

All this Remus/Sirius has inspired a drabble (no eyeliner in this one. Sorry, I had no words to spare as it was!)

Word Count: 100

“Seriously,” James asked. “How long?”

About five seconds, Sirius thought. But damned if I’m telling you that.

“It depends,” he said out loud.

“It does NOT,” James pressed. “You obviously know, I can tell! How long before you slept with the girl?”

It was all well and good for James to ask. He hadn’t secretly lusted after one of his best friends for six years and been caught moaning his name. Clearly it only took five seconds after that.

Sirius looked across the table and locked eyes with Remus.

“I’m not having sex with a girl until I marry one.”

words that would have been included if i hadn't been 20 over to start: Triumph. Leather. Glitter. Eyeliner. Quaffle. Waffle. (I know you're laughing, 'Femme, don't even lie about it *shaves imaginary mustache*)
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