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mmm, max power

Well the rat and the fish and I all survived the trip home. I got in around 11 pm, and there was robot chicken on the TV just for me! WORLD'S MOST ONE-SIDED FISTFIGHTS!

Notes of amusement from the trip: I passed 'Street Road' and also 'the Town of Colonie'. Way to name stuff, Vermont. Also, Coxsackie is the best town name EVAR.

and there was also an ibook battery waiting for me as well. and it fit in the ibook! and it works! i've had the ibook running on battery for about 25 minutes and it's not even down to 90% yet! *adores*

I finally got my KKM DVD too, the UPS guy was dropping off packages just as I was coming back from my final. I'm hoping to squeeze in a little quality Yozak time before we leave for Ohio this afternoon (8 more hours in the car. woot?) It'll be radio silence until I get back on Sunday night.

thanks to everybody for their good wishes, and wing grooming, and the shaving of Hermione's eyebrows.

Uh, why is my website and mail not existing? *pokes*
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