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a critical failure

why is it that my second to last year doing something is always the best? The Junior year of high school and now the junior year of college isn't shaping up to be much better. Why is my entire department in flux? why do i always make friends with older people who then graduate and move on without me?


Let me start out by saying that if i can go the rest of my life without ever again having a boss break down and cry in front of me during an apology, i will be the happiest person on earth.

likewise for people i love and respect and whose credibility i value immeasurably. likewise for life role models.

the short short version of the story is that a lack of returners and material led to skits being completely out of control this year. Feelings were hurt, most people did some things they are incredibly ashamed of, and one staff member walked out.

talk was had about never doing skits again. I can't believe that such a long tradition would end so suddenly and on such a down. I hate the thought of us being the last staff to ever do skits. I hate that the new RAs won't understand what skits usually do for us.

I hate that there aren't enough returners to show them.

The staffer who left refused to return when we began the critical incident meeting. While I recognize that they've got a right to their own feelings, honestly, to reject the system that you'll be trying to teach to 30 freshmen tomorrow, to refuse to test it for doesn't seem very mature to me.

Everyone else made miles of progress towards repairing the rift. That person has made zero progress and deal with zero of the stuff that needs to get sorted. Most of us agreed that the staff is stronger for it. That person is now isolated, because they didn't share the experience that shaped the staff. They missed out big, but i think it's us that's going to be paying for it.

Is it okay for me to be angry with someone for their gut reaction to being hurt? Is it okay for me to be angry with them for over-reacting because i'm a little disappointed no one was me in a skit? Can i be angry because they disrupted an already shaky staff dynamic?

If you reject a good white candidate for a job over a less good minority candidate, and then face the possibility of losing your job because someone yelled the N-word during a skit you were in, is that karma?

Touch someone who makes you laugh. Touch someone who is a role model. Touch someone you wish you could help. Touch someone you you cry for. Touch someone who gave you feedback that you needed. Touch someone who told you how far you'd come and meant it and saw it happen. Touch someone who's changed your life.

I've got to move in freshmen at 7am tomorrow.
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