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I was tooling through my old deadjournal entries, and i came across this exchange with christina:

so after i attempted to leave a victorious sticky note on christina's new ibook, the following shouting match ensued.
christina (from across the hall): "Sara you dork!"
me: "What?!"
c: "You kick ultimate ass?!!"
me "Yes i do!"
c: "You spelled it wrong, idiot!!"
me (finally actually going over to christina's room) "I did not!!"
c: "you put two I's in ultimate!"
m: "I didn't!"
c: "Yes you did! its right there! U-L-T-I-I-M-A-T-E!!"
me: "Well, i didn't say i spelled ultimate ass! I just said i kicked it!!!"

I miss our good old days on third Mull...

Intending to work on the new story, i actually dug out my old one based on Anita Blake and started fixing it. It's about a third done, plot wise...some stuff is good and some is really bad, but i wrote a scene that i really liked today. I'll post it when i'm on the other computer tonight, right now i'm on the big mac, who is enjoying the attention.

like my "HPGtP" icon? hehehe...
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