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the light on the other side

sociofemme and i spent most of the night calling each other to howl over selected HBP passages (clearly we must be in the same place next time), but i had to give up and take a nap around 5 am.

In particular, 'Probity probes' and Remus' 'furry little problem' were the big winners i can recall at this moment.

As i was drifting off to sleep at 5 am, i came to the sudden conclusion that Snape was the Prince, and for the first time ever in the course of reading an HP book, was actually correct! previous to this, i had harbored hopes that Sirius would turn out to be him, and half-blood was just a fuck you to his family, and also that Harry would inherit the motorbike along with the house.

this explains why i was yelling "Motorbike! MOTORBIKE!" at nothing before Kreacher showed up and dashed my hopes.

Mulciber gets another token mention. hehe.

I was in no mood for the token lupin/tonks when it showed up, and was pleased to see Remus rebuffing her with practiced ease, and furthermore that harry says they seemed to be holding hands, rather than just saying they were, and why wouldn't you hold a sad friend's hand at a funeral anyway? and if that's clutching at straws, well, you'll never kill my OTP, and anyway, Sirius is dead, so Remus can sleep with anyone he chooses.

Bill getting married probably means that he won't show up as the DADA professor next year (double damn), but i liked that Snape doesn't get to keep it either.

Redeemed Draco. Who knew? Maybe Jo was dipping in the fandom a bit early in the day when she plotted this.

RAB is FLAGRANTLY Regulus (probably Alphard) Black and i can't believe nobody even comes close, where have you BEEN for the last three books, what do you need a magic tapestry, OH WAIT YOU HAVE ONE YOU FOOLS.

Three's still my favorite, but i like this better than five, despite the fact that it really fails to feel like the other five in most ways. But anyone who can make me cry over Dumbledore (although it was Bill who really got me going) must be doing something right, and I still keep the faith that we will see what is at the end of the tunnel when we get there.

But what i was really thinking was that this is probably the only HP book that the rat will get to read with me, so I let him chew the book just a little.
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