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this'll be fun fun fun

Everytime I think i can't possibly love PoT more, i watch the next episode and am overcome with deeper affection. There are so very many tennis bishounen! And every single one is the most high-strung person EVAR!

Also, i'm a sucker for siblings, so the flashbacks to chibi Fuji and...Fuji...heh, Yuuta, i mean, punched all my squee buttons. And now Fuji is all riled up because of St. Rudolph's manager teaching his little brother that move that'll break his shoulder if he keeps doing it. Yay siblings! Yay Fuji's crazy blue eyes!

I was also amused because nobody really explained the B Drive shot. usually there's a technical explanation about spin and height and speed and racket after Ryoma makes a ball do something suspiciously fictional, but this time everybody was just like "well...Ryoma's just special."

but oh god, i wish they would stop showing that shot of the racket shard hitting Ryoma in the face. I've seen it fifty times now, and every time i still have a full-body shudder.

Enough with St. Rudolph. Fudomine! Fudomine! Fudomine! *wants the Golden Pair and street tennis*
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