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sudden realizations of the geek kind

so, we're going to the Ichiban for dinner tonight, which prompted discussion of the fact that Ichiban means 'number one'.

and then some fool on PoT drew 5 as their tournament spot and was shouting "5! I'm number 5!"

and that is when the following finally gelled in my head:

Number 5 = goban = go board = the reason Shindou is wearing those stupid 5 shirts all the time. *is last one to get joke like usual* Now it makes perfect sense when Touya can look at Shindou's shirt despite his own eye-sporking sweaters and still say "you are a tool, Shindou."

Okay, i suddenly understand Ryoma/Momoshiro. It kind of crept up on me, i'm not sure when it started, but all at once i noticed that Ryoma and Momo are next to each other pretty often, and Momo's a little huggy and hair-ruffly with him, and Ryoma doesn't really seem to mind, and then when Momo lost his regular spot, everybody was like "Echizen, where's Momo?"

and then he goes onto the roof and not only spies on Momo tossing rocks, but he lays on his stomach right on the edge and puts his head in his hands to get the best look possible, and then when the girls interrupt him, he jumps up! all nervous and blushy! and then he goes to play street doubles tennis with him and they snark. true love!

also, GOLDEN PAIR FIGHT! omg so fucking hot slkjdgjhsdf. they were all up in each other's business screaming, and Oishi all ruffled and pissed off pushes quite a few of my kink buttons, and then they tried to use Kaido and Ryoma to make each other jealous! also, i have to wonder why Eiji thought it was so hilarious that Oishi's shirt was inside out in the first place. Maybe he had something to do with it?

but then the little makeout up scene! they apologized in unison and then got all giggly and lingering high-fivey, and then everybody says "that's just like the Golden Pair."

that's so becoming my new euphemism. "we caught those girls making out on the couches again." "keh, that's just like the Golden Pair."

Momoshiro dressed as Inui! Notebook! Glasses! *DIES*
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