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Finally stopped with the tennis just long enough to watch KKM 47.

episode 47 was the best thing EVAR. it was cute and sweet and broke my heart in all the right ways, and if the business about Dan Hiri suddenly being old was a little overdone, I understood what they were getting at.

First of all, BABY WOLFRAM OWNZZORZ ME. Even more than grown-up Wolfram going all googly at how cute Greta is, chibi Wolfram makes me cry with the cute. I wonder when we're going to get the story about his father?

And Conrad! Little sword-fighty Conrad! Teenage slouching angrily in his uniform Conrad! OBVIOUSLY i'm half human NITWIT Conrad! asldkjfsdgjh!

against all odds, i really felt for Gwendal throughout. Trying to study while some drunken party rages, and just when he thinks he can't hate his mother's new husband any more, the man has the gall to leave! and make his mother cry! and of course Anissina is as helpful as ever. I really liked seeing their friendship as a constant.

honestly, it was Celi who broke my heart the most in this episode, expecially her speech about being left behind by Dan Hiri. And her middle-of-the-night tears were perfectly placed, because by the next morning she has her 'placate the sons' face on, and she certainly has her hands full with the Conrad crying and Gwendal sulking. She puts on a cheerful face for 99% of this series, but the glimpses into how painful a lot of Celi's life has been just makes it that much more poignant.

The Dan Hiri and Yozak scene also was perfect, especially when he says 'having something to protect is the greatest joy of all'. I think that's something that is an undercurrent in most of the things Yozak does for Conrad and eventually for Yuuri. And i don't envy the job that he will have to go home and tell Conrad about his father's death, but I do enjoy the parallel of Gwendal having to do the same thing about Dan Hiri for Celi. I imagine that whatever understanding Yozak and Gwendal have now (highlighted perfectly by the follow-up of 48), it was formed during the course of that trip back to Shin Mazoku from the Nameless Village.

flashback episodes are the best ever.
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