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17 18 19 routine and here at 23 it's the same old me

the very first Samurai Champloo is on, my favorite! i don't even mind the dub, except for Jin's lines that have to be wordy in english, rather than his monosyllabic Japanese.

I'm exhausted from moving myself home from CTY. my mother keeps calling me to try and get me to drive down to the beach to meet them for the rest of the weekend, but all i want is to be left alone for a few days so i can decompress and write and things.

oh god i love the swordfights in this show.

i saw the godkids tonight, and Julie said that while she had been watching another friend's kids, the 4-year-old girl got up on the table and did a little dance while stripping off various bits of clothing. when asked what she was doing, she said "I'm making money!" Deacon's midicalorian count is back to normal and he's gaining weight. Madison stole my sandals and went clomping around in them, and when julie wanted a hug, reported in terms of great derision, "no mommy!"

okay, the thing is that i don't even want Mugen and Jin to get it on, because NOTHING can be hotter than them trying to kill each other. does this mean i'm into snuff?
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