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and then there were chibis.

so i finally hit the first Prince of Tennis chibi episode, and OH THE CRACK. some of you have valiantly been resisting my attempts to drag you down under with me, but now i have the ultimate weapon.


The thing about the chibis is, that the episode didn't really run much different than normal, they were just ICKLE AND CHEEK PINCHY.

some of them looked strange:
Image hosted by

and some of them looked almost exactly the same:
Image hosted by

The Golden Pair is as cute as ever:
Image hosted by

and Kaidoh and Momo are up to their usual tricks as well (although frankly this puts images in my head i'd just as soon do without:
Image hosted by

And then Fuji is just...well...he's still FREAKY GAY KILL YOU ^_^, but teddy bears are involved somehow:
Image hosted by

and i don't even know WHAT there is to say about this:
Image hosted by

you know, i have been wondering all this time where all the gay is coming from, and i finally got the answer: INUI is BREWING it!
Image hosted by

in case there was any doubt about what Inui's Rainbow Delux Juice does, here's a good look at Ryoma and its direct result upon him (while Inui himself takes very careful notes, no doubt to write fanfic later):
Image hosted by

oh no! the gay is catching! and also, Fuji, if it is possible, is even MORE terrifying in chibi form:
Image hosted by

Meanwhile, several other regulars hold a meeting of the Uke Support Group:
Image hosted by

And finally, i dunno what Tezuka is selling here, but I'm definately buying.
Image hosted by
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