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What is your sexual appeal?

brought to you by Quizilla

Uh...yeah. That's my appeal. Sure.

This new skin is taking a little getting used too...I'm not sure I like it. Change is icky.

I've recently developed a taste for Inuyasha, the only one of the half dozen animes on Toonami that I don't find more or less interchangable with the others (except .Hack//sign). I was on the way to the shower yesterday, and I started watching while I was undressing, and then i just sat down on the floor naked because I HAD to know what happened.

That's problematic because its anime, and you NEVER know what happens because it takes them twenty years to get to the point. Kagome kicked Inuyasha's ass though, so i was okay with that. And Inuyasha has a really big Tetsaiga ;)

I just noticed one of the Harry's trying to nibble on Captain Jack Sparrow. Revenge, perhaps?
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