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so i'm watching Tennis on the TV. In French (shut up, i completely do not have a problem). and i was disappointed to discover that it's some women's tournament, but i continue to watch it.

however, it turns out i have been undergoing some accidental operant conditioning, because when one girl was forced to hit a lob, i immediately shouted "CHANCE BALL!"

i think this means that i cannot ever go watch tennis in person, or we will have a repeat of the Chancey incident at the first pokemon movie, but on the other hand, it was completely called for, because the other girl hit this momentous Momo-style jump smash, and even the french announcers went "SMASH!"

haha, is tennis like the international no-language sport or what?

ETA: have moved onto the boys. Roddick skidding across the court to get the dropshot is teh sex!
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