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with a SPOON

I've run out of flatbread. I'm just eating hummus out of the container with a spoon. Mmmm, hummus. Clearly invented by Muggles who own nothing but a jar and spoon.

Why, yes, I did just quote my own fanfiction. Well, there's a two hundreth time for everything...

I think I'm back down to two Harry's again. and Captain Jack is looking a bit shagged out. Hmmm.

miscellanny wrote a really cute gen Sirius/Remus ficlet. go check out her LJ to see ;)

and speaking of ficlets, I've got a bit that maybe might someday be a story, but right now is just the extended story of why Sirius is wearing eyeliner in that snippet i posted a while ago.

Remus was utterly unprepared for the sight of Sirius coming towards him on the platform.

Peter was occupied with his parents, and James was fighting an over-piled and toppling trolley, so Remus was the only one paying attention when Sirius appeared through the gate of Platform 9 3/4. He was looking around, searching, and when his gaze met Remus’ stare, an electric thrill ran through the werewolf.

Remus couldn’t breathe.

Sirius looked good, he looked better than good, he looked lickable, Remus heard some part of his brain gabbling distantly as he stared, eyes locked with Sirius’.

None of them had seen Sirius all summer, since he ran away from home and hid out with his cousin Andromeda and her Muggle husband. Remus had expected him to look a little different, but he had not expected…this.

Sirius stopped in front of Remus, grinning, and was opening his mouth to say something when James finally noticed him.

“Good lord, man!” James exclaimed. “What’s on your face?!”

“Is that eyeliner?” Peter asked, jogging over and waving off his parents. “How on earth does Sirius manage to make eyeliner look masculine?”

“I think he should take it off, don’t you, Moony?” James elbowed Remus, who was suffering from full-body paralysis.

He wished very much that Sirius would do away with the eyeliner before the paralysis wore off, because otherwise he was going to A) have one hell of an orgasm and B) tackle Sirius to the ground, and he was not quite sure in which order those two things were going to happen.

Somehow the others tugged Remus onto the train and into their compartment, no one seeming to notice his silence in the joy of the reunion. Sirius was explaining something to them that Muggles called ‘glam’ and which seemed to be the explanation for the eyeliner, but Remus wasn’t catching all of the conversation as it flowed around him.

It wasn’t until Lily had retrieved James for some Head Student meeting that Remus began to shake off his shock. Peter had pulled out a book and was trying to finish some summer homework, and Sirius was staring at Remus, a bemused expression on his face. He reached over and nudged Remus’ foot with his own.

“You’re quiet,” he said.

“It’s good to see you,” Remus replied, avoiding the question, blushing very faintly as he met Sirius’ eyes. “We were worried.”

“We?” Sirius quirked an eyebrow. Remus felt that Sirius was trying to get at something, probing for some sort of answer in Remus’ responses.

“I was worried,” Remus admitted. “James was just treating it like you were off on hols or something.”

“It was rather like a holiday,” Sirius shrugged. “I could’ve used some company though.”

Remus thought Sirius had nudged his foot again when he said that, but it might just have been the jostling of the train. Before Remus could reply, James was back, hollering at him to get to the Prefects’ car.

Remus glanced back at Sirius as he left the car and Sirius gave a little wave with his fingertips. Not sure why his stomach suddenly felt like it was doing a similar wave, Remus slid the door closed behind him.

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