July 2nd, 2003



I too was visited by the Canadian Fairy!!!!

I can't get going now for real, cause i'm late back to lunch already from work, but check out my deadjournal for what's been going on prior to this and my Fanfic page if you've heard about the infamous potter stories...

I love you, fantastic anonymous person!!!!

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I changed my settings so that everything looks exactly the same as on my deadjournal. Look, even my blue punquin heads cam along for the ride!

this helped ease the pain of conformity...plus now people will read my stuff instead of my living vicariously through ellen!


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i'm having a weird problem where when i change my settings, it doesn't stick. Like, i uploaded a picture, i can see it right there, but when i go to 'edit pictures' it says i don't have any.

I added some friends to my list, and when i go to my friends, it still says i don't have any. katharine, did you give me your LJ problem???


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here's the new graphic for hetaira9, i fixed the size, it seemed to work on mine:

i restarted my browser and it seemed to fix most of my hurks...damn explorer...

and speaking of pirates, check out be my pirate with a loud round of guffaws to quantesque. Yo ho ho, me hearties! Keep your cutlasses sharpened, there may be skullduggery ahead!!

i'm stupid

I've decided its a good idea to watch Rose Red at 11 at night. by myself. it's 248 minutes long, good job stephen king. what is that, like 4 hours? Dan and i never did get around to seeing IT. I bought the new version of the Shining, but i keep leaving it at home by accident. So far, there's been nothing crazier than a bloody refridgerator, but it doesn't take much to creep me out anymore, thanks to the Ring.

This was a BIG mistake. Half an hour in, I had to quit and even the bad Family Guy reruns aren't toning down the Freak Out.

oh MAN was this stupid...
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