July 4th, 2003


him, me, the soft glow of a holy object...

a long, long time ago, when i was on my first Anita Blake kick, I started this story. It's set in the Anita Blake-verse, but the main character was Jeanne Ryan, an animator in Seattle. I wrote about a third of the plot, then just sort of stopped. tonight I unearthed it, and reading it again I began to like it all over again. Half of it was fantastic, and the other half was total crap, with some things completely out of character for characters i'd created myself.

Six years ago I wasn't dark enough to do this right, maybe that's even why I stopped. I think I might be now. check out this scene i rewrote today and see what you think:

Collapse )

what you need to know: Donaven, an assassin for hire, is taking Jeanne to the nightclub Strawberry Moon to get her help on his latest assignment, a lycanthrope named Dina Martinique. Other than that, a basic knowledge of Anita Blake lore is helpful, but i don't think necessary.
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