July 7th, 2003


I need a weekend to recover from my weekend...

And wow, what a weekend it was. Saturday sociofemme and I drove down to Rehoboth Beach for the day with my mom. We spent all day lounging around in the sun and in the water (BRRRRR!) I taught 'Femme to dive backwards into waves so you ride up the crest and then flip off into the air. She body surfs better than me though, I'm too high-density...

Yesterday, the two of us along with hetaira9 and her roommate ventured out to King of Prussia for a day of leacherous money-spending. I got a fantastic J Crew skirt ($30, down from 80) some stuff from the boys' section at Gap. The boy's section, btw, was much better tahn the girls, and far more reasonably priced. Apparently what you show your brother in the bushes is NOT the only difference between the genders...

The purchasing coup of the day happened at KB Toys, were the brand-new two packs of MLPs were (eeeee!) fantastically mis-priced, so I actually bought four ponies for ten bucks. Hells yeah. The new ponies are soooooo pretty *squeals*

The other fantastic purchase was a book called "the Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter" (UUGMHP) which goes through the first four books chapter by chapter and picks out every single possibly significant thing. I'll tell you, I'm impressed. In the first ten pages, they decide that Mrs. Figg is spying on Harry for somebody, based solely on her name and the fact that Dudley runs her down (!!!!). We, of course, know they are right, but WOW!

The attention to detail is excruciating. They notice in PS/SS that the owl Harry casually notes is most likely carrying the letter that summons Dumbledore away from Hogwarts. In PoA, they express suspicion that Lupin just 'happened' to find the boggart in Filch's filing cabinet. Was he perhaps looking for something specific that Filch had confiscated and kept there? What was it that the Twins tell Harry and Ron that they purloined from Filch's Cabinet? Man, I wouldn't have caught that if i read the book a hundred times. Christ.

Another interesting fact they pick up on is that something very, very important happens in Chapter 12 in each of the first four books (the Polyjuice Potion in CoS, the Patronus in PoA). Also, in every chapter 13, the person who is ultimately the bad guy makes a cameo appearance. If these trends hold up in the last two books, it might make a lot of things clear to those paying close enough attention.

Other notes claim less relevent things, such as Gilderoy Lockhart being kicked out of the Birdcage, but all in all, this book is crazy interesting, more so now that (POoP)H is out, and several of their early predictions proved eerily right. "Two enthusiastic thumbs up, fine holiday fun..."
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