July 11th, 2003


Wow. Just wow.

So I was finishing up the aforementioned UUGMHP, and was happily impressed...

...until i got to the last chapter. Here, the authors make predictions about how they think some things and characters will turn out. Their big prediction is as follows:

"Remus Lupin is probably dead. The Remus J. Lupin we know is probably James Potter switched into Lupin's body with a Switching Spell."

I must have read that sentence five times before i could make it to the 'proof'. A Quick flip to the 'James Potter' entry reveals this gem:

"What probably happened to James and Remus: Thinking that they had doubts about the reliability of Black, James and Lupin must have taken one extra precaution. Using a Switching Spell, they managed to switch identitites. This was done without the knowledge of anyone else, with the possibole exceptions of Lily, who might have done it. After the switch, Lupin (looking like James) stayed at the house, and James (looking like Lupin) left. Voldemort attacked and Lupin (looking like James) was killed. Having no body to switch back to, James was now stuck inside the body of werewolf Remus Lupin."

Wow, man. The proof is basically every single thing Remus has ever done listed in order. Frankly I'm surprised they don't suspect the 'J' in his name to stand for James.

Ah, Fandom. If it even turns out these people are right...
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