July 13th, 2003


ARRR, Matey!

I saw Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday, and it was AWESOME! It's by far the best thing Johnny Depp has ever involved himself in. When he stepped off his 'boat' at the very beginning, I was already crying with laughter! "Welcome to the Caribean..." *does brief drunken weave*

Hence the new icon.

In related news, while searching for the picture i used for the icon, i was on the official site, where they let me make my own pirate flag and gave me my pirate moniker:

hehe, they said jolly roger!
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Let's Get Physical!

So instead of working on the real HP story, as usual, I wrote some humorous drabble so that sociofemme would read it and gush over how much she loved it. Mission Accomplished.

A PPMW fic, where James convinces Sirius they should both get in shape the Muggle way! Unfortunately, this seems to involve bad plans and even worse fashion sense, plus an increasingly long staircase.

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