July 18th, 2003


damn bettas

Belle Morte, formerly known as Twilight, left for that big betta vase in the sky last night. Like his namesake from the anita blake books, Belle was beautiful and knew how to kick a fish when he's down. Or bite him to death, whichever. In any case, he was clearly just waiting until right after i changed his water so that i would be more pissed off than upset when he keeled over for no apparent reason.

I decided that betta fish were best kept one at a time. Belle Morte has been replaced by three tetras, all of whom are named Harry, because there's no way to tell them apart. One is Harry (Potter), one is Harry (Dresden), and the other is just Harry because we couldn't think of another Harry that I like. the Harrys are weird, in that they are always hanging out real close to each other, almost touching, not flitting about randomly like fish are supposed to.

I also ended up with a snail somehow. I was wandering by the tank where they grow live plants, and i noticed this snail. He was crawling up the mesh tube in the middle, trying to get out. He would ooze most of his body out through the mesh, then his shell would get stuck, and he would just go up one square and start all over again. I found it fascinating.

So I bought him. He oozes around the tank pretty speedily, even tooling around on the leaves of the fake plant. I'm concerned he's going to just ooze right out of the lidless fishbowl, but we'll see what happens. I've named him Jack Sparrow. Captain Jack Sparrow. ARRR!

In related news, Ellen reports that somebody told her that Orlando Bloom is being considered for Gambit in X3. I'm having trouble picturing it, and I'm concerned about his ability to A) look scruffy and unbearably hot at the same time, and B) do the accent properly.

the accent is what's going to make or break it, chere.
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