July 22nd, 2003


ugh...too many harrys...

Well, i trekked back to Petsmart with the report that the 'herbivorous' snail had eaten two of the Harrys, and this i could not produce any tetra corpses for them. They gave me two more Harrys, one of which seems to be hadtoomuchsugar!Harry, who is zipping all over the place like a nut.

Maybe Jack'll have a harder time catching him.

Captain Jack Sparrow, having consumed three times his body weight in Harrys, seems a bit shagged out currently. He's sort of floating near the surface, emitting a constant stream of snail-poo. And he deserves it.

They played the L&O/Homicide crossover tonight, which i love because it's Detectives John Munch and Lenny Briscoe hanging out together. *squee* The best quote of the two hours was their exchange when they were trying to question people in the lesbian bar:

Munch: "I don't consider a woman a lesbian unless i've been personally rejected by her."
random lesbian: "You must know a lot of lesbians."
Munch: "Look at this place, Lenny. There must be ten women for every woman in here!"
Lenny: "And all of them gorgeous."
Munch: "As soon as they invent artificial sperm in a jar, we're history, my friend."
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